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Square-Enix, I'm breaking up with you........

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To the onlookers to this ruthless break up, yes it’s about THAT!

Hi, Square. I am a recently converted PC gamer in your polygamous relationship.

Now, today I was ready to play Final Fantasy Type 0 HD.

I was excited because I had avoided any spoilers or walkthroughs or any story related content to this game.


But then I log onto Steam to see the review insignia say : “Mixed”.

I roll over to see what the problem is.

30FPS............Resolution only works windowed so I can’t play your games in 1440p .... AGAIN.


And, once again I feel like a jackass for buying this gaming keyboard because this game is bollocks on keyboard........*sigh*........Square, I think it’s best if we just stay friends.

I like the idea of your potential, but when was the last time you lived up to it? You just lack ambition lately and seem to have your head in the clouds.

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